M. Rafford Construction and Trucking

What is the history of E. J. Kennedy Inc. and M. Rafford?

In the early 1990's with the State and Federal Government agencies watching construction projects much more closely and with a never ending and ever changing new regulations working around water became much more difficult.

However, it was not impossible. Elden Kennedy came up with precast bridge abutments. The first ones were installed by Elden Kennedy on Baskahegan Stream. this bridge was for normal highway loads. The second bridge, installed across Chase Brook, was designed for off highway loads. To date, both of these bridges are holding up very well. The cost was about 30% less than old standard concrete abutments.

Since 1994, off-highway bridges on Super Brook Bridge, Indian Stream Bridge, Dead Brook Bridge, and a highway bridge over Cusuptic River have been installed. Also, bearing plates on Farrar Bridge and Matallak Brook Bridge have been replaced.

Eldon Kennedy sold his business to Mark Rafford in 1992 and continued to work with Mark for several years before his heart attack.